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Welcome to Afrah Events US, LLC. We are a professional zaffa and dabka dance group in NJ. We perform zaffa and dabke in NY, CT, PA, FL and many other states around the US. If you wish to create a truly traditional wedding experience, our zaffa group can make it memorable. Simply, tell us about your dream wedding and we will customize our dabka dance to meet and exceed your expectations. Last, but not least, you won’t have to worry about anything. We will show up and deliver the best zaffa and dabka dance in the US.

At Afrah Events US, we have created lasting memories at hundreds of weddings. If you would like to hire our zaffa group, please contact us directly at (201) 989-8228 or Info@AfrahEvents.us






About Our Zaffa Group

Our wedding zaffa group strives to provide the best entertainment available in the US. With over 60 dancers on staff, we have a tireless work ethic to create the most elaborate bride and groom entrances. The Afrah Events dabka group in NYC rehearses several times per week, developing new dance routines and jaw dropping leaps to amaze your guests. Moreover, we tailor each performance to the type of middle eastern culture you would like. Our dancers have done several Arabic zaffa wedding styles, including Lebanese zaffeh, Palestinian zaffe, Egyptian zaffi, Syrian zaffah and Jordanian dabka.

Our experienced zaffa group and dabke team can cater to all types of Arabic weddings, including mixed marriages and non-Arab cultures. If you would like to learn more about how we can customize a dabka dance for you, call us at (201) 989-8228 or email Info@AfrahEvents.us.


Previous Events

Our dabke group for wedding entrances, dances and entertainment has traveled far and wide to provide zaffa in USA. While we spend most of our weekends doing zaffa in NYC, NJ or PA, we can perform anywhere in the US. We have performed zaffe in Boston and Delaware too. Some of our dabke dances have taken us to Texas, Chicago and California as well. Please click on the images below to get a sample of the many traditional wedding dances we have done in the past. As you will see, we use dabke drums, colorful zaffa clothing, classic swords and breath taking dances for your guests to enjoy.

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