There are many special aspects of an Arabic wedding. One of the most exciting moments is the zaffeh entrance. These zaffe groups work hard to bring your friends and family members together to celebrate your special day. Here are five zaffeh grand entrances you will see at an arabic wedding.

Zaffeh Performance

A traditional zaffeh performance is filled with many different members. Originating in the Middle Eastern countries of the Levant, these performers use Arabic music and movements in their every wedding entrance. The musicians of the group enter with different unique instruments, such as Arabic drums and various string instruments. Then, there is the dabke leader, who begins the dance. The rest of the dancers follow the leader, synchronizing with his every movement as they make their entrance. Zaffeh performances are one of the most exciting parts of an Arabic wedding.

House Zaffeh

A house zaffeh is an important moment for the bride and groom. This is the moment that the groom sees the bride in her dress for the first time. It also represents the beginning of their marriage. Zaffeh groups start off the wedding by leading the bride and groom in. Filled with spiritual energy and excitement, the group plays traditional music and dance down the aisle. Starting the wedding with this entrance brings the guests into the celebration with the future married couple.

Hall Entrance Zaffeh

A hall entrance zaffeh occurs after the wedding. Once the guests have all arrived at the reception and have sat down, it is time to announce the arrival of the bride and groom. This is a high energy entrance, lead in by drummers and singers. These performers are followed by dabke dancers practicing their traditional dance. Many performers, such as dabka groups in New York, are well practiced because of the different Arabic festivals in surrounding areas. The bride and groom follow the group, continuing the dance and inviting their guests to join.

Post Dinner Zaffeh

After your guests are finished eating, there are often post dinner zaffeh performances. For this entrance, there is a large focus on the dancers. First, the girl zaffa dancers enter, wearing bright, elegant dresses and scarves full of many different colors. Next, the men enter, playing Arabic drums and string instruments. These performers dance alone at first. But, they eventually start inviting guests on the dance floor to join them. There, they teach the guests their dance, and together they dance as a larger group.

Bride’s Zaffeh

Another amazing zaffa entrance is the bride’s zaffeh. This is a special moment for the bride, and all of the focus is on her. As she enters her reception, she is surrounded and led in by male dancers following the music from an Arabic DJ. Eventually, the groom joins them, and invites his wife to join their wedding celebration. The bride’s zaffe is a special moment of the wedding, because it brings back the traditional meaning of Arabic dance. In ancient culture, it was a ritual danced by women to celebrate their bodies. Today, at Arabic weddings, this same meaning is celebrated during the bride’s zaffe.

There are may zaffeh entrances to be seen at Arabic weddings. Whether they lead into the wedding or the reception, they are an incredible addition to every event. With their applied energy and excitement, you will be sure to be amazed with their performance. Zaffeh entrances are a great aspect of every Arabic wedding.