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At Afrah Events, we strive to be the best zaffa group in the USA. From the entrance to the eye-popping performances, our professional dance group will have your guests talking about the amazing experience.

Co-Founder & Creative Director


Eyad is the co-founder and creative director at Afrah Events US. He has performed in more than 25 different states. He has enjoyed performing with the dabka NYC group and surrounding areas. His commitment to excellence will ensure that your event goes smoothly.

To get in touch directly, send an email to info@afrahevents.us

Our Story

With more than 15 years of experience in Zaffa and Dabke dancing, and after performing on many plays events and weddings all over the Arab countries Cyprus, Romania, Turkey, Venezuela, Malizia and more…

Eyad moved to USA to establish the Afrah Events dance group. At the time, the Arab community needed quality zaffa and dabke groups. However, it was very difficult to find other passionate dancers and performs. Still, Eyad continued to search for the right group to create Afrah Events. Slowly, but surely, he recruited an extremely talented team of dancers…

After their first few events, the word was out. Afrah Events has brought traditional zaffa and dabka to the US! Today, our group has over 60 dancers who are ready to rock your weddings and events with new creative Dabka shows, music and different Zaffe styles and ideas, to make your occasions unforgettable.

“I started zaffa dancing at 14-years old. I think the key to our success is performing with the same energy, life and love as when you just started. If you can keep that feeling, you will always give your best.”


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