Belly dancing is an ancient tradition passed on from the Middle Eastern culture. Throughout time, the dance has spread all over the world, performed by many performers at different events. Today, this tradition is seen at many different celebrations. Here are five reasons that belly dancers in NJ are the best cultural performers.


There are many theories on the origin of belly dancing. In ancient times, throughout the Middle East, there were many different variations of the dance. Some people believe that it migrated through the Arab countries with the gypsies. Eventually, belly dancing became the most popular dance in Egypt. Considered the “Hollywood” of the Arabic world, many movies that were produced had belly dancers featured on the screen. This shared the dance with the rest of the world. Today, belly dancers celebrate at NJ music events with this traditional dance, and spread the culture to every audience with their performance.

Elegant Movements

The movements of a belly dancer are intricate and complex. NJ belly dancers follow the traditional style of the dance. A solo dancer waits for the music to start, and then begins her dance. With the music, she forms a connection of “tarab”, or enchantment, and uses her natural rhythm to express the music through dance. Starting with the pelvis, the belly dancer begins her performance, using her torso and shoulders to create full movements. While using the connection, the belly dancer structures her dance and expresses it to the audience, drawing them in to feel the connection too. This enchantment is one of the many things that makes belly dancers in NJ so special.

Celebrate Women

Traditionally, belly dancing is a way to celebrate a woman’s body. In the ancient culture, women would gather together to celebrate their ability to give life with their bodies. Together, they would perform this dance, accenting their stomachs to symbolize childbearing. Today, the dance is still performed by women. New Jersey belly dancers wear elegant dresses and scarves to show off their body. Using this style and dance, these dancers continue the tradition of celebrating the female body. Continuing this tradition is a way that these women create the best cultural performance in NJ.


The movements of belly dancing hold a special meaning to the Arabic culture. This dance begins in the center of the body, and spreads throughout the individual. To do this dance, the individual needs to create a connection to the music with their mind and their body. This involves a lot of self-awareness. This part of the dance helps the individual form their physical identity through creativity and self-exploration. Belly dancers in New Jersey today show this same awareness with their performance. This form of self-expression displays the importance of the dance to this culture, and the performers show the audience who they are with their movements.

Attend Special Events

Live entertainment in New Jersey are special because they attend any special event. Traditionally, belly dancer performances would be held at events that marked a special time of life. Everyone in the community would come together to celebrate the life of another. In the ancient Arabic countries, belly dancers would perform at weddings, births, and rite of passage events. Today, NJ belly dancing performances are usually held at birthdays and weddings. These events continue this tradition of celebrating a person’s life. Invite a New Jersey belly dancer to help celebrate your special event.

Belly dancing is a beautiful tradition that has been passed down from ancient cultures. Today, performers such as belly dancers in NJ have spread this culture to many audiences. The deep meaning and motions of this dance represent a bigger purpose, and belly dancers express it in every performance.