Florida is a very popular destination for a wedding. For arabic weddings, it is the perfect location. No matter what your theme or venue ideas, you can invite a dabka group for your wedding. Here are some reasons why a dabke wedding in Florida is perfect for your event.

It’s An Arabic Tradition

Florida is the best place for an arabic wedding. In the United States, it has the fourth largest Arabic population. Most immigration to Florida comes from countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq. People from the Levant, or the Eastern Mediterranean area, reside with their families throughout the entire state. Arabic weddings in Florida are commonly accompanied with dabke groups with zaffa entrances. With these groups at your event, you are sure to have a special arabic wedding.

There Are So Many Options

For Florida weddings, location is important. The major wedding destinations are places like Miami, Boca Raton, Tampa, and the Florida Keys. The most popular type of Florida wedding is a beach wedding. At a beach wedding, themes can vary from nautical to luau. Even for Arabic weddings, a beach location is very popular. But it can still be made unique! By hiring a dabka group in Florida, you will be inviting the beautiful arabic culture to your event. Especially at locations like the beach, your event can be made even more special with dabke performers.

The Ideas Are Limitless

Venues are also popular for weddings. Beach weddings in Florida are not the only kind. Venues in popular areas such as Orlando, Jacksonville, or Tallahassee are great spots for weddings. No matter where you decide to get married, dabka groups fit in well anywhere. It is also common for people in Florida to think of creative places to get married. Weddings have been held at locations such as the zoo, the theater, a lighthouse, or even on a yacht. Wherever you decide to do it, dabka dancers will definitely make your event an even better memory.

The Music Will Be Great

Arabic djs are a significant addition to a dabka performance. The most important thing to keep in mind while searching for an arabic dj or arabic drummers is assurance. Make sure that they have a backup plan, just in case there is an issue with equipment or the power source. Arabic djs are also popular, so make sure they can stay at your event as long as you need them to. You also want to make sure they know what you picture for your event. Do they take requests? Will they perform during the ceremony and at the reception? They will also attend your wedding rehearsal if asked to make sure they have everything set for your event.