Queens, NY is one of the most diverse areas of New York City. Specifically, it has a large number of Arabic people, including Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptians and Jordanians. In fact, Astoria, Queens has it’s own neighborhood known as “Little Eygpt” because of how many Egyptians live in the area. Of course, when that many Arabs live in one area, your family will have an Arabic wedding in Queens, NY. When planning the wedding, look for these elements from your Dabka group in Queens, NY.

Dabke Group In Queens

First and foremost, the dabke group in Queens must be local to the NYC area. When a dabke group performs at the many local wedding venues, they build relationships with the coordinators. Many venues will only work with certain vendors. It’s important to find a local group that is familiar with the venue space and entrances. The Queens dabke group will be able to create a better performance if they have already performed at the venue before.

Importance of Dabka In Queens

Queens has a very diverse Middle Eastern population. Because of this, dabke groups in Queens have an even more special performance. It becomes more personal and beautiful to the audience. For a dabka group, it is important to have that personal connection, because this dance is very powerful and meaningful to the culture. Queens is a perfect location to celebrate this dance and this unique culture. Dabka groups in Queens create a beautiful performance for the people who share their culture.

Egyptian Zaffa In Queens

Next, the zaffa group should be able to perform several different types of Arabic dances. For example, you can have Egyptian Zaffa in Queens. Or, you can request a Lebanese or Palestinian performance. To make your wedding the best it can be, they should tailor the services to your needs. Most importantly, your guests from all over the area will enjoy an Arabic folkloric dance performance that reminds them of their home country.

Queens Lebanese Drummers

Moreover, dabka in Queens should include drummers. The large drums are part of any traditional zaffe or dabke performance. A Queens dabke group can bring in a mix of drummers and dancers to entertain wedding guests. Many times, wedding guests enjoy Lebanese drummers even after the traditional zaffa wedding entrances. Since many New Yorkers have no problem staying up late into the night, these drums can keep the wedding celebration going.

Arabic DJ For Queens Weddings

A great dabka group in Queen can also provide DJ services. This will create the perfect blend of traditional and modern music. By hiring a dabke group with Arab DJ services, you can ensure a consistent experience. You won’t have to worry about finding the right DJ in Queens. And, you will have peace of mind that the performance will go smoothly with the rest of the program. Plan to bundle your wedding vendors as much as possible throughout the process. This will save you time and money when finding a dabka group in Queens, NY.