Dabka groups perform all over the world. So why hire one specifically in South Carolina? Not only does SC have a large population of Arabs, but they also hold vast culture in many different cities. When hiring a dabke and zaffa group, event planners also want to focus on experience, performance, and authenticity. Here are some reasons why you should hire a dabka group for your South Carolina wedding.

South Carolina Locations

South Carolina is a great place to have a dabka wedding. There are so many locations that have such rich arabic culture. Options are important. For someone who is looking for a beach look, there are many venues in Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Both of these places also have a large arab population. For more of a traditional wedding, you might want to look further away from the shore. Many people book weddings at locations in Charleston and Columbia. In big cities like these, there is an even larger population. Even in slightly smaller areas, such as Mount Pleasant and Greenville, there is a strong sense of culture. It’s important to find the right spot for your wedding, and South Carolina is the place to do it.

Culture From Traveling

Experience is crucial. When hiring a dabke and zaffa group, you want to make sure that they know what they’re doing. South Carolina weddings are one of the many that we participate in. An experience dabka group will travel to many places in the United States to share this traditional wedding dance. By doing this, the group will get a better sense of the arabic culture from different areas, learning from each location. While the art remains the same, the dabka group gets to be a part of each and every area that is visited, as well as the culture that each holds. You can bring an experienced group to your event, and share it with others through the performances.

Professional Sound With Dance

The best part of hiring a dabka and zaffa group in South Carolina is the dance. First, they make sure that the music is just right. The arabic drummers or wedding djs will use the venue to their advantage, spreading out throughout the room to surround the party in music. They will also use the building to accent their sound. Rooms with higher ceilings and a wider space tend to have better acoustics, therefore creating a better, fuller sound. Many newlyweds also prefer to have belly dancers at their wedding. In places like Columbia and Greenville, SC, there are many professional dancers. Because of this, it is more common in these locations for a dabke dance to be accompanied by a belly dancer. This is another way to make your event even more special.

Traditional Zaffa Group Look

Authenticity is also very significant. The best South Carolina zaffa group that you can hire is one that carries tradition through their dance. Dabka performers have brought this dance down for centuries. Beginning in ancient Arab countries, these dances and zaffe entrances have traveled all around the world with these groups. Through them, the dabka dance has been able to evolve and live on throughout the ancient culture. Another tradition passed down is the costumes. This attire is a beautiful match to the dance. The costumes can be many different colors and styles, and they are sure to make your event even more authentic.

No matter where you travel in South Carolina, you can always be sure that there will be an amazing dabka group performance to see. Because of the culture in the state, there are so many talented individuals who carry this tradition from older generations in their family. At this performance, you will get to see the dance, as well as cultural music and dress. These are all great reasons why you should hire a dabka group for your South Carolina event.