Weddings are the biggest events that we plan and attend. So why not make it even more special? Dabka (or dabke) groups and zaffa (or zaffah) performances at a wedding are great choices for people who want an event to remember. These dabka Atlanta groups are dedicated to the newlyweds needs and work hard to make everything perfect. Hiring a dabka group in Atlanta will allow you to have an authentic party with traditional music and a comfortable, family-like environment.

An Authentic Experience In Atlanta

The Levant is an old term, often used in geography, that refers to the Eastern Mediterranean area. This area contains the countries that celebrate the Arabic culture. Along with culture, these countries share the traditional Middle Eastern dances. Dabka groups perform the traditional dabke dance, bringing ancient arabic folklore, as well as original zaffah performances, to modern events. These groups present a ritual passed down for many generations, bringing them to events like engagements, weddings, or other special life moments.

Arabic Drummers Perform With Dancers

Arabic drummers often accompany dabke and zaffah performances in Atlanta. In fact, they are what hold the event together. With their steady beat and strong sound, the zaffa dancers are able to confidently follow the music. Because of this, traditional dabke events include arabic drummers in the wedding zaffa band. All together, a unique sound is created to give the audience a cultural experience. With these musicians, the traditional Middle Eastern dance is made even more special.

From Festivals To Your Party

In the past, there have been many festivals in Atlanta celebrating Arabic culture. During these events, different dabke groups have performed traditional dances and authentic zaffah entrances. These groups also perform privately at special events. The performers spend the rest of their time practicing their art, perfecting it for their audiences. Hiring an Atlanta zaffa group for a wedding is a great way to further ensure that your event is highly memorable.

Have A Feeling Of Family And Tradition

The best part of hiring an Atlanta dabka group is the people. The members of the group are like family. Most importantly, they work together to make sure your event is exactly what you want it to be. Whether they are playing an instrument, singing, or even leading the dance, each and every member is committed to their job. Their number one priority is doing their best, and their devotion is the reason why they should perform at your Georgia wedding.

Seeing a dabka group in Atlanta, Georgia perform is one of the most exciting events that you can attend. Not only do they perform with drummers, but they also practice extensively at local festivals and cultural events. This event will bring your family and friends together, and together you can enjoy the live entertainment. For an exciting event, consider hiring a dabka group in Atlanta, Georgia for your wedding.