In New York City, there are hundreds of events every weekend. A special occasion should be unique. A wedding or special event needs to be something to be remembered. What better way to do that then to invite a dabke NYC group to your celebration? In NYC, the middle eastern community has a strong base. Here are the top reasons why a dabke dance performance is the best choice for your event.

Why Dabke NYC?

New York City is one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. There, if you were to walk in NY for even a few minutes, you would see people of many different ethnic backgrounds, genders, and cultures. You will find many Arabic people including Lebanese, Jordanian, Syrian, Palestinian and more. In a city that has so much culture, a dabke New York group could meet all your performance needs.

The Perfect Dabke Performance

Dabke is a beautiful dance that goes back centuries. Beginning in villages north of the Mediterranean, family and friends would gather together, often to repair their homes, and, in the process, created a dance-like pattern that eventually became a tradition. Today, dabka in New York is typically seen at celebrations, most commonly weddings. Now, our group has brought dabke to NYC. You can create a memorable experience that is rooted in your culture.

What To Expect From Your NYC Group

Before choosing a dabke NY group, you should know what to expect. A traditional dabke dance will begin with a zaffa entrance. This is simply a procession into the reception, beginning with the newlyweds, with the rest of the wedding party to follow. After everyone has arrived, the dabke dance begins. The leader of the dance, the “Lawweeh”, directs the dancers, keeping up the energy and even improvising on his own. As a group, the performers hold hands and begin the dance. This dance can be performed by men, women or both in a New York dabke group performance.

The Traditional Dress Of The Dancers

NYC is an extremely diverse area, and there are many different styles to be seen. For this dance, the professional dabka dancers wear traditional Lebanese clothes. Usually, the men wear more plain clothing. This is to draw attention to the beautiful patterns and colors of the women’s dresses. Traditionally, female dabke dancers represent their culture with long dresses with various patterns and shapes, decorated with many different colors. This sense of tradition is an important addition to your event with a dabke NYC group.

The Purpose of Dabke In NYC

The guests may be nervous and wondering, what are we expected to do? Dabke is a dance and a celebration, meant to be enjoyed. All the audience is expected to do is sit back and enjoy! A top quality NYC dabke group will provide all the entertainment for your guests. Everyone watching will be captured in the mix of dance, drums and folkloric music. After the procession and the newlywed’s first dance, the guests are invited to the dance floor to join in the celebration of the couple.