Dabka groups are famous for performing all over the world. Traditionally considered wedding performers, these groups bring together your guests with cultural music and dance. Yet, you don’t have to worry about staying home for a cultural wedding. Destination dabka and zaffa groups strive to make your special day even more unique with their performances. Here are five destination wedding locations to celebrate with a dabka group.

Cancun, Mexico

Cnacun, Mexico, is a very popular destination for couples. There are many Arabic destination weddings in Cancun, because they hold cultural ceremonies for the wedding. Dabka groups for destination weddings love performing here, because it is a beautiful place to celebrate culture. Additionally, destination wedding zaffa performances are special because they bring your guests into the wedding with a beautiful performance and bring everyone together. Not only is Cancun a beautiful spot to get married, but it is also a perfect place for a destination cultural wedding.


Hawaii is an amazing place for a Middle Eastern destination wedding. In Hawaii, the most common wedding rituals are the flowers, dress, and the music. So take each of these aspects and put in a bit of Arabic culture. Destination dabka groups strive to bring you the best performance. In a location like Hawaii, the music and dance of the performance are celebrated outside in the beautiful nature of the island. Destination wedding zaffe groups wear vibrants dresses, and bring together the dance with a collection of colors. Celebrate your wedding with a destination dabke group.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has many wedding rituals to celebrate. One ritual, called the Cantada Ceremony, is a tradition where the guests sing throughout the wedding, rather than rely on music to dance. This is the perfect opportunity to bring a dabka group and a destination wedding Arabic DJ. For your wedding, the Arabic DJ can play any traditional music you would like. You and your guests can dance and sing with the dabka destination wedding group and enjoy the Arabic culture while celebrating with DR rituals. Choose a dabke group for your destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.

The Bahamas

Destination weddings in the Bahamas are a beautiful and traditional event. Not only can you celebrate local traditions, such as taking a horse and carriage to the ceremony, but you can also celebrate Arabic culture with a destination zaffa group. Additionally, traditional destination weddings in the Bahamas have either Arabic live entertainment or Arabic DJs. With this music, zaffe performers will bring energy to your celebration and get your guests on their feet to join. Celebrate your special day with a zaffa destination wedding group in the Bahamas.


Jamaica is a great place for a destination wedding for a couple that like to party. Here, it is tradition to stay out all night with your guests and dance. For your event, make it more cultural with a traditional dabka group for destination weddings. This group brings your guests together with a traditional dance that can go on all night. Another tradition for Jamaica destination weddings is that guests often arrive uninvited for the celebration. For this ritual, destination zaffe groups will make sure to bring everyone together to celebrate your special day. Consider a dabke group for your wedding in Jamaica.

For your destination wedding, there are many ways to make it more cultural. Invite a traditional dabka group or zaffe group to your event. Here, they will make your day even more special with music, dance, and celebration. Use these ideas to choose a dabka group for your destination wedding.