The state of Virginia is rich with culture, diversity and history. Similar to states like NJ, NY and CT, Virginia has over 200,000 Muslim and Arabic residents. Cities like Arlington, Springfield and Fairfax have very high percentages of Arabic populations. In these areas, you can find Arabic communities that still keep their culture alive through religious practices, events and weddings. If you are planning an Arabic wedding in Virginia, then you should consider having traditional middle eastern entertainment. Below, we’ll outline some of the best services for Arabic weddings.

Arabic Band In Virginia

Throughout the wedding ceremony or during the cocktail hour, a live band can provide traditional Arabic wedding entertainment. Whether you need a single performer for the cocktail hour or a 5-peice band for the evening, this can capture the attention of your guests. Moreover, it creates a cultural touch to your wedding day. This type of live entertainment is something that all middle eastern weddings should have.

Wedding Zaffa Entrance

One of the most memorable moments of a wedding, the bride and groom’s entrance should be nothing short of spectacular. A zaffa group in Virginia can make this experience possible. Surrounded by 8-12 group members, the zaffa entrance will escort you and your spouse into the main ballroom. As you enter, the Arabic DJ music will coordinate with the performers and drummers to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Dabke Dance Performance

Next, you can have the group perform dabka in Virginia weddings. This is a folkloric line dance, featuring high-energy leaps, jumps and stomps. Depending on your preference, the Virginia dabke group can tailor the dance for various audiences including Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian and others. You can plan for this Arabic wedding entertainment performance before the speeches or during the reception. Of course, this is one of the best ways to celebrate your culture and society in Virginia.

Arabic DJ For Weddings

Living in the US, Arab Americans need wedding DJs who can play music for all types of crowds. Of course, you might want to have traditional Arabic music with dabka dancing. However, you may also want someone who can mix the top hits from today. An experience Arabic DJ can create the perfect blend of middle eastern entertainment and music. They can tie together all the pieces between entrances, dabka performances and dance music at a middle eastern wedding.

To plan your Arabic wedding in Virginia, consider having these services. Choose a traditional live band. Have a Virginia or Maryland zaffa group for your wedding entrance and dabka performance. Finally, tie together all the elements with an experienced Arabic DJ who can ensure a great wedding for you and your guests.