Since the last census, the Maryland Arab American population reported a continued growth in the community. It’s pretty clear why it is so easy to experience the Arabic culture in cities like Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Rockville, MD. There are plenty of Lebanese, Egyptian, Jordanian and other Arab weddings going on throughout the year. If you want to create the best wedding zaffe entrance, you’re going to need the right wedding music and band.

Dabke In Maryland

Dabke groups in Maryland are very authentic because they have a lot of chance to practice. In the Maryland and Washington D.C. area, there are a lot of Middle Eastern events and festivals. At these events there are often groups that perform zaffe entrances and dabka dances. It is even more special to see these performances at festivals, because there you are surrounded by the culture. Dabke groups in Maryland help celebrate this unique culture throughout the state, from events like these festivals to your own wedding.

Zaffe Entrances In Washington D.C.

Whether you are in Baltimore or Washington D.C., we have been a part of the most memorable wedding zaffa entrances in the region. You need to have the right music and dancers to create a lasting impression on you and your guests. It can take plenty of time and coordination to pull off a wedding. However, if you have the right vendors for music and dance, the process is much easier. Only an experienced zaffa group in Washinton DC or Maryland can create this experience.

Dabka Dancing & Performances

In a wedding reception, the entrances are just the beginning and the real fun begins with performances. A reputable dabka group should be able to perform traditional Arabic folkloric dances. Usually, the dabke dances in Baltimore or other Maryland cities are coordinated with the wedding band and DJ. You can have live Lebanese or dabke drummers at your wedding. The sounds of the traditional Arabic music and drums will captivate everyone in the room.

Girls Zaffe Group

With the number of Egyptian weddings in the Washington D.C. area, there is a unique demand for female zaffa groups. This is something that we were happy to be part of in the past. We have also provided unique live shows and belly dancers in Maryland. The result is a unique entrance or performance that is unique to specific countries like Egypt. Of course, this type of zaffa group in Maryland would be a preference of yours.

An Arabic Band Can Help

Often times, an Arabic band can provide a full service. If you find a traditional wedding band in MD, they might not have a zaffa entrance option. Since the Baltimore area is so diverse like NYC, you can get an Arabic band who can provide live music and DJ services as well as coordinate a grand zaffa entrance. This would help keep your wedding costs low while creating the perfect wedding zaffa and dabka experience.