There is a thriving Arab culture in Philadelphia. In fact, you will find a very high percentage of Arabs in Pennsylvania overall. Towns like Salix, Pennsylvania have over 5% of Arabs living in the area. Naturally, the city of Philadelphia has become another mecca of the west. Many Arabs, including those from Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, have made their home in Philadelphia since the 19th century. As the culture has continued to grow and thrive with more immigrants from Syria, Egypt and other neighboring countries, our zaffa group in Philadelphia has been serving Pennsylvania for years.

Zaffe In Pennsylvania

When it comes to the many weddings in Philadelphia, you should find the best vendors for the event. Zaffe groups in Pennsylvania can perform a variety of dances. Specifically, you should request zaffa wedding entrances, middle eastern folkloric shows and dabka dances. These types of experiences can enhance any wedding or event in the greater Philadelphia area. A professional Arabic band will perform music, dances and shows to entertain you and your guests. Most importantly, it should be tailored to meet the desires of Muslims in Philly who have immigrated recently or lived here for generations.

Dabka Dance Performance

Since Philadelphia has such a large population of Arabs, there are a lot of great things to expect from a dabka group performance. The culture that lives on through these people is represented in this traditional dance. Dabka is a symbol of unity and community. It is about coming together and working together to make a bigger, better product. Through this dance, the performers carry this sense of commitment to one another. This is the symbol that the culture comes together to represent.

Belly Dancers In Philadelphia

Furthermore, Arabic Philly weddings and events can showcase a belly dancers. You can get one of our belly dancers in Philadelphia to mesmerize the crowd. Some belly dancing groups have multiple dancers come out for you event. Depending on the size of the event, you can have a Male and Female routine. These performances are perfect for bachelor or bachelor parties, zeffa entrances and classic belly dance shows. Whether it is a large middle eastern wedding or small fortune 500 corporate event, we can provide the best belly dancers in Philadelphia.

Arabic DJ Services

Next, a full service zaffe group in Philadelphia should offer Arabic DJ services. Their skills and talent in dancing should translate directly into creating the best mix of music for an enjoyable party. In combination with our dabke dancers, Arabic groups in Philadelphia should look for the best Arabic DJs in Pennsylvania. Of course, a well experienced group can bring together all their services to create an amazing wedding experience.

If you are one of the many Arabs in Philly, keep your culture alive and well by hiring only the best zaffe groups, belly dancers and Arabic DJs for your events. This will create the perfect blend of classic and modern entertainment for your guests. Most importantly, you will be happy to create a memorable experience that is rooted in the middle eastern culture.