Vermont has one of the largest populations of Arab immigrants in the United States. Since 1980, the number of Arab descendants have grown more than 200%. The growth of the Arabic community in Vermont is significant. These numbers were assessed by the Arab American Institute foundation, estimating over 7,000 Arabs in Vermont from the 2010 census. Moreover, out of this population, more than 65% of Arabs are Lebanese. While many are from other countries, identifying as Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian or Palestinian, the Lebanese population is especially extensive.

With these many Arab people in cities like Burlington, Vernon, Barre, Rutland and Essex Junction, you might find yourself looking for a zaffa wedding band in Vermont. Here are some reasons to hire a group for debke dancing and arabic drummers.

Cultural Background

The cultural background of the dabka dance is significant to the importance of the dance. A long time ago, in the Middle East, villages were constantly making repairs to their roofs due to weather conditions and the lack of better materials. These repairs were not an easy task, so villagers would often call to their neighbors to assist them. This became such a common event that all of the villagers would gather together to help each other. The foot-movement used to pat down the roof became well-learned, and eventually turned into a traditional dance throughout the village and eventually the Middle East. Now, the dance is practiced as a symbol of community and unity.

Middle Eastern Entertainment

With the high proportion of middle eastern people in Vermont, you should know that arabic dancers and performers are very talented. This type of entertainment is great for parties and weddings. In fact, wedding zaffa groups are some of the best types of entertainment. Rather than hiring a regular live wedding band, a zaffa group can perform dabke dances with Arabic drummers. The experience is sure to entertain you and your guests.

Zaffe Arabic Drummers For Weddings

In addition to high energy performances and entertainment, a zaffe and dabke group comes with advanced skilled Arabic drummers for weddings. If you want to have live drummers for weddings, these musicians are some of the best in the business. They can add a dynamic environment that focuses the attention on the bride and groom. Meanwhile, if you are having many guests because many Arabic families are quite large, the zaffe drummers are loud enough for everyone to hear and enjoy.

Best Bands In Vermont Have Impact

When you hire a zaffa group in Vermont, they should be one of the best bands around. There are many local Vermont musicians and bands. However, very few will bring a truly unique experience to your wedding. If you want to have the best wedding bands in Vermont, you have to think outside the box. A zaffa group can provide LED light shows, belly dancers, zaffe Arabic drummers and experienced DJs to create the perfect wedding. Clearly, the best bands for Vermont weddings leave an impression on all their audiences.

Zaffa And Dabka Keep Your Culture Strong

Most importantly, the right zaffa group will dance in a traditional style. If you are Lebanese, they will tailor the dance to your ancestry, keeping your culture and history alive. This creates the perfect blend of a modern zaffe wedding entrance and traditional dabke dances. You will be surprised to see how many of your friends and family from all different ethnicity will appreciate the amazing display of song, dance and culture.

New Dance Routines That Amaze Guests

Furthermore, brides and grooms always want to please their wedding guests on their special days. One of the best ways to impress your guests is to amaze them with jaw dropping dabka dance routines in Vermont. The top zaffa groups create new routines for each event to keep entertainment at an all-time high. Give your attendees the party of a lifetime and ensure that your wedding is the talk of the year by hiring the best dabka group in Vermont.