Choosing entertainment for your wedding day can be stressful. You want everything to be perfect and unique. One of the most special groups to hire for your wedding is a dabka group. With this group, you are sure to have a night to remember. In Maine, there are so many factors leading you to hiring a dabke group for your event. Here are some reasons why you should choose a dabka group in Maine for your special day.

Large Arab Population

Arab immigration is very abundant in the US. Each state has a large population of Arab people from different countries, giving it a sense of their culture and history. In Maine, there are many immigrants from Lebanon and Sudan. Many of these people have settled in some of the bigger cities, such as Portland and Bangor. In places like these, pieces of the arabic culture have joined every day life in Maine. This includes food, language, and events. Because of this spread culture, Maine is a great place to have a dabke wedding.

Beautiful Locations

One of the most popular locations in Maine to get married is on the Southern Maine Coast. Here, there are hundreds of weddings being planned. Many different venues and specific locations are picked out to host the couple’s special day. Dakba groups in Maine perform great at any wedding, whether it’s inside or out. The important part of these performances is that they hold meaning for the dancers and, most importantly, the audience. Dabke dancers love to spread the culture through this dance, and it will make a great addition to your Maine wedding.

Culture Is Celebrated

Arabic culture is celebrated everywhere. In Maine, it has become an annual event. At the University of Maine, there is an annual festival to celebrate the many different cultures of the world. Here, there are dabka performances and different dabke groups to represent their culture. At this event, zaffa entrances are also practiced by these groups to perfect for personal events. Dabke groups in Maine attend this event each year, in hopes of presenting this dance to many different ethnic groups seen at this festival. The University of Maine Culturefest is just one of the main ways that the arabic culture is presented in this state.

Special Performance

Dabka weddings in Maine are a very special event. During a dabke performance, there are many different things going on. The event begins with a zaffa entrance, meaning “wedding march”. The performers will lead the wedding party and the guests into the reception, and, once they are all seated, the dance can begin. The dancers, dressed in iridescent colors and patterns, line up and perform their traditional dabke dance. The passion that these dabke dancers display in the dance is unique, and it will make your event even more special.