Every couple strives to plan the best grand entrance for their wedding reception. After all, it is their time to introduce themselves to their friends and family as a married couple. As someone planning their Arabic wedding, you need to decide on the best grand wedding entrance possible. For this reason, continue reading and learn about the top grand wedding entrance ideas to wow guests.

Hire A Zaffa Group

One of the best grand wedding entrance ideas to consider for your Arabic wedding is to hire a zaffa group. The best zaffa groups specialize in a variety of middle eastern traditions. They are familiar with Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian, and Lebanese styles. Moreover, the top groups can customize your wedding grand entrance so that you are more than satisfied. If you want to guarantee yourself a wedding entrance that you will remember, take advantage of this idea and hire a zaffa group.

Play Arabic Drums

Consider playing Arabic drums as your grand wedding entrance music as well. This idea will bring fun yet traditional music to your grand wedding reception entrance. The best Arabic drummers also interact with wedding guests. Hence, they can get everyone even more excited about your introduction as a married couple. For these reasons, keep this grand entrance idea in mind for your upcoming wedding.

Find Talented Performers

Additionally, you can always find talented performers to wow guests with your grand entrance. Some great types of middle eastern performers include singers, bands and belly dancers. However, many couples also hire standing artists and dabka dancers to perform during their grand entrances too. These types of Arabic performers will surely help you create the grand wedding entrance of your dreams. Thus, this is a great idea to keep in mind when planning your wedding.

Incorporate The Lebanese Culture

Many couples also incorporate the Lebanese culture into their grand wedding entrances. One of the most popular grand Lebanese wedding entrance traditions is to enter the reception alongside professional Lebanese zaffe dancers. Another exciting way to incorporate this culture is to have internal fireworks. Look into the most fun and entertaining Lebanese wedding customs to plan the best grand wedding entrance possible.

Play Egyptian Songs

Finally, consider playing traditional Egyptian songs when you make your big entrance. There are plenty of Egyptian wedding entrance songs that you can choose from. You can select traditional songs that have been making both couples and their guests happy for generations. You also have the option to choose more modern Egyptian songs that are great for dancing through your grand entrance. If you choose to use this idea for your grand wedding entrance, you will add even more of the middle eastern culture into your wedding reception.

In order to impress your guests with your grand wedding entrance, you need to consider the best ideas. Firstly, you can hire a zaffa group that specializes in a wide range of middle eastern traditions. Many couples hire professional zaffe drummers who engage with party guests. Talented performers also get crowds excited when couples make their entrances. The Lebanese culture offers plenty of unique traditions for grand entrances as well. Furthermore, couples make their wedding entrances grand by playing Egyptian songs when they enter. Keep these grand wedding entrance ideas in mind to wow your guests.