Dabke, also known as dabka, is a folk dance that originated in the Arab countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Palestine. Today, dabke is one of the most popular forms of Arabic traditions, performed at weddings and events throughout the world. Specifically, there are debka groups in NYC that have experience showcasing the traditional dance. Over the years, dabka NYC groups have raised the level of their performances and dances to entertain guests, creating life long memories at weddings.

Dabka NYC Features Men And Women

Firstly, NY dabke groups have grown from just male dancers to co-ed performances. This adds a fresh dynamic to the dance performance. A strong dabke NYC dance should have several dancers to deliver the maximum impact to guests. For example, if you have just a few line dancers, this might be fun. However, with over 5-10 dancers or more, you really create a show that people will remember for a long time. Fortunately, you can large groups of dabke performers right here in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area.

Freedom Styles Of Dabka NY And Nearby Areas

When you have a group of dancers, you need to give them the freedom to create fresh and new routines. Since there are so many Arab Americans in the New York City and New Jersey area, a professional dabke NYC group should know all the different styles that are enjoyed by various groups. In fact, there are six different types of dabke dance including al sha’rawaiyya, alshamaliyya, al karadiyya, al afarah, al sahja and al ghazal. While all of these styles of dabke dance contain line dancing and joining of hands, there is plenty of freedom to make the dance unique to each wedding in NY, NJ or CT.

Strong Dabke Dance Technical Knowledge

Moreover, your local dabka NY group needs to have strong technical knowledge of the dance. Every member of the group should be highly trained to deliver a high quality performance. In the dabka steps, there are many terms that the group should know. These include important terms like Himsik (Hold), Schmaal (Left) and Yamiin (Right). The entire dabke group needs to understand how to follow the pace set by the person in second position, while following all the steps to walk, stomp and jump.

An Inspiring Dabka Leader Performance

The most important aspect of a successful dabke group in NYC or NJ, the leader has to perform with passion. The leader of the dabke line can do their own unique steps to change the pace, interacting with the crowd and matching the rest of the group. When it comes to entertaining in high income areas like New York City, you need to find a dabke leader who can create a memorable experience. A great dabka NYC group leader can take an average group to truly sensational.

Intense Professional NY Training

New York is home to the hardest working professionals in the business. NYC professionals deserve the best entertainment. This is why dabka NY groups are trained professionally. So when the event time comes, they are ready to perform with confidence and passion. Guests often get lost in the beautiful dance filled with creative steps and wonderful jumps.

Luckily, you can experience amazing dabka in NY and the greater surrounding areas. There are so many styles to create the perfect experience for Lebanese and other Arabic weddings. A professional dabka NYC group has the freedom to offer many dancers, different styles and a top rated performer. This will create one of the best wedding entertainment in the NY, NJ or CT areas.